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Loan Officer Marketing with Chris Johnstone

Jan 16, 2024

In this must-watch episode, we sit down with Matthew Moreno, a seasoned mortgage lending expert, unveils his journey and strategies in the dynamic world of mortgage lending. Perfect for loan officers and mortgage brokers, this podcast offers practical tips and industry insights that resonate with professionals at every level.


Matthew Moreno is currently recognized as the #126 top loan officer in the Scotsman Guide rankings. Matthew is the owner and mortgage broker at Great Rate Home Loans.


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Guest - Matthew Moreno,


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Watch as Chris speaks with Matthew about…


- Building Strong Realtor Relationships: Discover Moreno's approach to creating and sustaining productive relationships with realtors, a crucial aspect for success in the mortgage industry.


- Strategies for Mortgage Market Success: Moreno shares his effective strategies that contributed to his significant success in closing over $41 million in loans.


- Embracing Technology: Learn how Moreno integrates technology, including AI and digital tools, to enhance efficiency and service quality in his mortgage business.


- Professional Networking and Market Insights: Gain insights into Moreno's networking strategies with other professionals and his perspective on the future of mortgage lending.

and MORE!


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