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Loan Officer Marketing with Chris Johnstone

Jan 19, 2024

Tune in to our latest episode where we sit down with Jeff Miller, an influential figure in the mortgage world, currently ranking at an impressive #16 on Scotsman's Guide. Jeff, who has closed over $167 million in loans, shares valuable insights on topics like cultivating a solid client network, the importance of positive customer feedback, adapting strategies to current market conditions, smart approaches to real estate investment, and the crucial role personal development plays in professional achievements.


Jeff Miller is currently recognized as the #16 top loan officer in the Scotsman Guide rankings. Jeff is the CEO and founder of Truss Financial Group.


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Guest - Jeff Miller,


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Watch as Chris speaks with Jeff about…


- Building a Client Base: Jeff discusses the significance of nurturing a robust referral system from past customers and professional connections, highlighting the value of strong relationships in business growth.


- Real Estate Investment Strategies: Jeff offers his unique perspective on investing in real estate, including his personal criteria and philosophy, providing invaluable insights for those looking to navigate this complex market.


- Importance of Customer Feedback: He emphasizes the role of customer reviews in bolstering credibility and trust, offering practical tips on how to effectively gather five-star reviews.


- Adapting to Market Changes: Jeff provides strategic advice for fellow professionals in the mortgage industry, focusing on adapting to current market trends and the need for continual learning and evolution in business practices.

and MORE!

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