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Loan Officer Marketing with Chris Johnstone

Jan 30, 2024

Loan Officer Marketing Podcast Ep.132


Tune in to our latest episode where we sit down with Barry Habib. He is a renowned American entrepreneur and the CEO of MBS Highway. He is celebrated as a best-selling author and a three-time recipient of the Crystal Ball Awards for his accurate forecasts in the real estate market. Habib is also recognized for his pivotal role in safeguarding the mortgage industry in 2020, addressing margin calls triggered by Federal actions. His crucial intervention and presentation brought much-needed stability during a critical period in the industry.


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Guest - Barry Habib


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Watch as Chris Johnstone speaks with Barry Habib about…


  • Barry Habib's Journey: Discover Barry's background, notable achievements, and his unique approach to public speaking and personal development.
  • Housing Market Analysis: Barry provides a thorough analysis of the housing market, focusing on appreciation rates, market predictions, and the factors driving these trends.
  • Interest Rates Insight: Engage in a detailed discussion about interest rates, encompassing past predictions, influential factors, and future expectations.
  • A.I. in Mortgage and Housing: Gain insights into the burgeoning role of artificial intelligence in the mortgage and housing industry, exploring its potential impacts and practical applications.

and MORE!


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