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Loan Officer Marketing with Chris Johnstone

Mar 24, 2023

In this episode of The Loan Officer Wealth Podcast, we are joined by J.P. Dennis from C2 Financial. J.P. is a mortgage broker and is here today to talk about how he has built his mortgage business and filled it with motivated individuals that come from all kinds of backgrounds. He also shares his insights about navigating the pivot from refinance-focused business to purchase-centric business and how he keeps his volume so high.




Guest - J.P. Dennis, Mortgage Broker at C2 Financial


Connect with J.P. Dennis


This incredibly valuable conversation dives into…

- The variety of backgrounds that make up J.P.’s successful mortgage team

- How J.P. creates an educational environment where people can learn more about the mortgage space

- How J.P. has managed to keep his volume so high during his pivot from refinance to purchase-centric business, despite changes in rates and market conditions

…and more