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Loan Officer Wealth with Chris Johnstone

Aug 5, 2022

In this incredible episode, Wally shares the one thing you need to create momentum and grow your mortgage business in today’s market!

He also shares the roadmap that he followed to go from $20 Million in production to over $200. Seriously, He shares with us what his single yearly focus was every year during his growth so you can map out your own growth path!

During the episode, he gives away the most powerful referral strategy that he has discovered and it is incredible! It takes every application you take and turns it into 6 new opportunities for referrals every single time! Just this one thing is all you need to make an incredible impact right away in your mortgage business.

Then we discuss database marketing and how to create a lifetime of referrals with simple relationship-building strategies.

Then, Wally drops even more value by sharing what his team and support structure look like and the process that he puts in place for the loan officers that join his team to make sure they are successful.

Seriously, I have already gone back and listened to this episode myself because there was so much incredible value given. Stop what your doing right now, get rid of all your distractions for the next 20 minutes and check out this episode of The Loan Officer Wealth Podcast.

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