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Loan Officer Wealth with Chris Johnstone

Nov 11, 2022

ATTENTION! René Rodriguez is on The 50th Episode of The Loan Officer Wealth Podcast this week! 🎙

This is one episode you DON’T want to miss, René offers great insight into transitioning from the mortgage industry to an influencer and providing value to people in many different ways.

During this incredibly valuable conversation, you will learn: 👇🏻

The best outreach strategy for business-to-business relationships, and why it is so important to understand what the other person or business values in this relationship.

Rene dives deeper into the Amplifii formula, and how to put a frame around your conversations to help people understand and process your conversations.

Rene explains why interest rates are not the most important part of the discussion and why you should frame the conversation around building memories in the home.

We also have an amazingly candid conversation about his start in the mortgage industry and the steps that he took to quickly rocket to the status he holds today.

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